Join us at our Fall Open House!  Sunday, October 25th from 2:30-4:00 PM.

We look forward to getting to know you and having your child or teen join our community, create social connections and make new friends!

Does your child or teen find it difficult to stick up for him or herself?  Does your chatterbox not know when to stop and listen to a friend?  Could your shy child or teen use a self-confidence boost?  Does the tattle-tale in the house not know how to solve a problem on his or her own?  Does your sensory seeker need to practice self-modulation skills in a sensory friendly yet simple environment?  Does your son or daughter miss, misunderstand or misinterpret social cues?

Or maybe your child or teen “ladles on the silly sauce” and doesn’t realize that the funny has worn off?  Do you observe your son or daughter struggle with being flexible with friends and controlling play rather than engaging in collaborative interactions?  Does your teen report that he or she often eats lunch alone?  Is the teacher reporting that working in small groups is difficult for your child or teen?

Our award-winning social learning groups focus on increasing social intelligence and prosocial behavior.   We provide direct instruction for children and teens on how to improve social skills and use effective problem solving techniques with peers, siblings and parents. We find a great deal of value in providing opportunities for kids and teens to practice in a welcoming, fun, and non-clinical environment that includes the extra layers of facilitation and support to increase your child’s or teen’s social abilities and conflict resolution skills.  We are the real-time practice place for social learning.

Social skills are learned, practiced and reinforced using our unique in-the-moment social coaching model. Because every child and teen is an individual, our approach is not one-size-fits all.  We draw from the concepts of collaborative problem solving, social thinking, incidental teaching and positive behavioral support.  We believe that learning friendship skills is something every child will benefit from!  Our purposeful and fun approach to incidental teaching has assisted many children in gaining social confidence, finding social success and generalizing what they learn to other settings

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